Quotes to live by:

"It's not a faith in technology.  It's a faith in people."  

Steve Jobs


Training Programs

What if all managers, supervisors, and up-and-coming leaders at every level, became more focused, energized, resilient to change, drama free, and cohesively moving toward all of their goals and objectives? 

And suppose this all took place in a leadership training class—a setting customized just for them? Let’s say this all happened in a few days, or whatever length of time desired, in a setting that was high-energy, entertaining, hands-on, information-packed, laser- targeted, and, most of all, FUN? Think you’d want to be a part of the action? Most likely, the answer is YES!  

Outcome: In the Art of Leadership Workshop You Will Learn How To: 

Inspire teamwork, commitment and cooperation with your staff! Sessions are taught using building block modules for easy understanding and application of learning methods and techniques.  

This is a powerful, real-world leadership program that can help managers and experienced leaders, as well as aspiring, up-and-coming leaders, to meet the specific goals, desired outcomes and learning objectives of their departmental team.  We will supply you with the collaborative leadership skills and communications tips and tools to get started.  


Your manager will determine learner’s preparedness for this training program.  

Program Length: 

Length of class is customized for your organization’s needs.

Select and build from the following leadership modules the exact program you would like delivered on site.  

Value-Added Takeaway:  

interactive workbook will be provided. This workbook will be a go-to resource for ongoing and continuous learning on the job. Use this inter-active workbook throughout the course, and then refer to it often as a tool to help navigate your management career.  With this how-to-do and what-to-do handout, the real learning will begin when the class has ended.  

Here’s What You Can Expect After Attending The Art of Leadership Workshop:  

  • Leave with a real world, no-nonsense toolkit packed with practical tips, tools and techniques that can be used immediately on the job!
  • Develop stronger leadership competencies.
  • Learn how to adapt, delete, modify, and expand the workshop’s content for every day work situations.
  • Sharpen leadership concepts for improved teamwork and conflict resolution.
  • Gain increased ability to create and implement new strategies for your team.
  • Learn new time-tested coaching techniques for enhancing employee satisfaction and contribution.
  • Acquire a variety of cutting-edge skill sets necessary for today’s leaders.

Select and Build Your Own Customized Leadership Program from These High-energy, Interactive Modules

Program Highlights and Modules  

Welcome and Introductions:

  • Discuss outcomes and what to expect during the workshop
  • Answering your most critical management and leadership questions
  • You are the architect of your organization’s future
  • Developing “Helicopter Thinking”

Module 1: The Motivating Manager: How to Build a High Morale Workplace

  • What it means to GO POSITIVE
  • Motivation Comes from Within
  • When you Coach a HERO, you coach attitude
  • Attitude Kickers Learning Lab
  • World-Class Best Practices in High Morale Workplaces
  • Self-Assessment on Motivation and Performance

Module 2:  Maintaining Performance and Productivity

  • Using the Best of Who You Are to Develop the Best of What You Want
  • Play to People’s Strengths and Neutralize Their Weaknesses
  • Talent Development Toolkit
  • Powerful Employee Development Plans
  • Retention:  People Leave People, Not Organizations
  • 7 World Class Standards of Performance Excellence
  • Self-Assessment on Becoming a Boundaryless Thinker

Module 3: Communication Excellence

  • You Tell the World Who You Are by How You Communicate!
  • Communications Excellence in a Multi-cultural Multi-generational Workplace
  • The Power of Praise In Progress
  • The 2 “A’s”
  • Developing Critical Listening Skills
  • FIDO it
  • Self-Assessment on Giving and Accepting Feedback

Module 4:  Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Toolkit

  • Creative Thinking Starts with a Lizard In Your Lasagna
  • Thunderbolt Thinking for Managers
  • Turbo Charge Your Work Environment
  • Decision-Making Made Easy
  • Manager’s Toolkit
  • 3 Powerful Mind Expanders to Achieve and Succeed in a Global Workplace

Module 5:  Conflict Solutions

  • The Person Who Makes You Angry Owns You
  • Build a Bridge, and Get Over It
  • Behaviors and Characteristics of Workplace Conflict
  • Ground Rules for Resolving Conflict – Getting to Win/Win
  • Conflict Solutions Learning Lab
  • Attitude Kickers Kick It Up A Notch

Module 6:  Building High Performance Dream Teams, On-site and Virtual

  • 8 Highly Effective Strategies for Building High-Performing Teams
  • Team Types and their Unique Functions
  • Leading and Working in the Virtual Marketplace
  • Teambuilding Learning Lab
  • Use the Lizard Teambuilding Techniques and change Workplace Dynamics

Module 7:  Authentic Coaching and Mentoring Relationships

  • Inspire Confidence and Healthy Self-esteem in People
  • 8 Primary Coaching and Mentoring Styles
  • Tips and Tools for More Effective Coaching and Mentoring
  • Coaches Guide to Assessing Performance Issues

Module 8:  Empowerment and Delegations Tools

  • Discover Your Leadership Style
  • Real Empowerment vs. False Empowerment
  • The Power in Delegation
  • Magnifying your Employee’s Strengths
  • It Is What You Say and How You Say It

Module 9:  Emotional Intelligence Using Performance Building Tools

  • Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Core Competencies of the Most Effective Managers
  • 9 Smart Questions Managers and Leaders Ask
  • Learning Lab: Enhancing Performance Evaluations with Performance Builders
  • Attitude and Choice are Each an Emotional Intelligence

Module 10:  Day-in-the Life Real-World Leadership Scenarios and Toolkit

  • Multi-generational/Multi-cultural Influences
  • Take the Einstein Approach to Real Workplace Challenges
  • Managing Conflict and Resistance To Change
  • When Productivity is Affected by Personal Problems
  • Handling Defensive Attitudes
  • Addressing the Rumor Mill


What to bring? A super-fantastic attitude and an open-minded willingness to learn leadership techniques in new and different ways.  

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